Poker 101

What most people don’t know is that poker is a game of strategy. Like building a house, the player needs a solid foundation based on the rules and tricks of the game. That is why before venturing into the world of poker and placing all of your bets on the table, it is essential that you build a strong foundation by studying the basics of this game, or you might end up empty-handed.

The first thing that you need to know is that poker is not just a game of wits, but it also involves a bit of psychology. The main objective of the game is to win and secure the pot money where all bets are placed. To win is to get a better hand among all the other players. You have to know which cards to put on the table and which cards to withhold. You also have to assess your opponents carefully, call their bluffs if you have to and persuade them to throw their hand in.

Poker players are expected to assemble hands of five cards that are based on predetermined rules depending on what type of game you are playing. If you want to win a hand, then you can use these strategies:

1.The Show Down – used when there are 2 or more players that are still active after the rounds are done. The players will then turn their hand up and the player who has the highest hand based on the rankings will get the winning pot.

2.All Players Fold – this happens when the players refuse to match the best and give up their claim on the pot money. It doesn’t matter whether the player is just bluffing or actually has the winning hand because the pot is theirs.

There are different strategies in playing and winning various kinds of poker tournaments. And the best way to know which kind of poker strategy to incorporate is to continuously practice and play the game, assess your opponents and learn from the experts.


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